Core Maintainers

These people handle the administration and organisational behind the scenes stuff that keeps Haxx.nz running

Walter Lim

Walter Lim is a Product Designer and UX Engineer. He works between research, design, code, and experimental crap to make real things that help people. You can find him at walt.online

Ilia Sidorenko

Ilia Sidorenko is a software engineer, founder and entrepreneur. He currently works as a lead developer at STQRY. He maintains open source projects in his spare time. He also participates in the Summer of Tech program, where he mentors university students. Additionally, Ilia volunteers at TEDxAuckland, helping to promote and spread new ideas.

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Will Seagar

Will Seagar works on boats. He also dabbles with software, and does some reverse engineering as a hobbyist in his spare time. You can find him on GitHub or Twitter.

Minh Phu Lai

Minh is a Software Developer at Vend by Lightspeed. He enjoys surfing and long walks on the beach.


Oliver Cooper

Oliver is a passionate software engineer and designer with a love for making well crafted, easy to use software. He is currently CTO of thorndyke, a verification and fraud detection platform for digital out of home advertising.

He also really, really loves Rust and will happily evangelise the language endlessly if given the oppourtunity.


Alex Verkerk

Alex is an Associate Software Engineer at Xero. He enjoys long walks, gaming and listening to audiobooks, and is always down for a good yarn about tech. You can find him at alexverkerk.com

Gage Keenan

Gage is a lead developer and cybersecurity expert at Cybercraft. He mentors junior developers on Haxx and is also a registered lifetime member of OWASP. You can find him onLinkedIn